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Activities panel


Once installed in your Github repository, Livecycle automatically builds and shares deployment previews per commit. 

These deployment previews are fully playable builds that are hosted at a shareable link. These builds include a no-code annotation layer on top of the live product, allowing you to collect clear, contextual feedback from everyone on the team and also to review existing feedback from others.

Livecycle built-in, no-code annotation layer consists of two main components:

  • Tools for editing HTML elements and taking screenshots and Edit HTML Elements. These tools are accessible from the Toolbar
  • An Activities Panel that organizes all of the feedback items in one place, showing their current status and any relevant tags or comments

Accessing the Activities Panel

Whenever you are viewing a Livecycle preview environment, you will see a thin, vertical overlay on the left side of the screen with a Livecycle logo at the top. This overlay is the collapsed Activities Panel

  • To open the Activities panel, simply hover your cursor over the overlay and the panel will expand. 
  • When the cursor is moved away from the expanded Activities Panel, the panel will return to its collapsed state.

Activities Panel Elements

At the top of the expanded Activities Panel, you will see information about the live environment as well as several navigation options:

  • The very top of the panel displays the source branch for this environment
  • To the left of the branch listing is a Livecycle Logo. Clicking this logo will take you back to the Dashboard
  • To the right of the branch listing is the icon of the current user account that is logged into Livecycle
  • Just below these elements is a brief description of the current build. This information is provided by the person who made the PR and initiated the build
  • A feedback items counter displays a summary of how many feedback items have been submitted for the current branch
  • The Github Source button opens the corresponding branch in Github 
  • The Copy Link button copies the link to this preview environment to your computer's clipboard. It can then be pasted and shared with others.
  • Below the navigation buttons is a listing of all the feedback items for this branch. The Feedback Items are listed in the order they were submitted, with the most recent item appearing at the top of the list. The list of Feedback Items can be scrolled to the bottom to access all Feedback Items in the list

Viewing & Commenting on a Feedback Item

To view the full contents of a Feedback Item, simply click on the feedback item in the Activities Panel.

Once clicked, the feedback item will open in full view in the Activities Panel, displaying all relevant information and follow up discussion surrounding this issue

  • When viewing an item in expanded view in the Activities Panel, the top of the Activities Panel will display the user icon of the person who submitted the item as well as a timestamp indicating when this feedback was submitted. A back arrow allows you to leave the expanded view and return to the Activities Panel.
  • A Resolve/Unresolve button displays at the top of the expanded view for resolving or unresolving the feedback item as needed
  • The “Add a comment” field at the bottom of the expanded view is where you can add a comment or tag a team member for this feedback item. The people who you tag will receive a notification that they have been tagged by you

Syncing Feedback Items to Github

All feedback that is submitted to Livecycle will be automatically synced as comments to the relevant Github repository.

  • In Github, the feedback item will appear with options to Resolve Feedback Item or Reply.
  • Clicking Reply in Github will bring you back to the Livecycle interface to leave a comment on this Feedback Item
  • Clicking Resolve in Github will change the status of the feedback item to resolved in Github as well as in the Livecycle Activities Panel