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To add and configure a repository, you will:

  • Connect to a Github provider.
  • Select a repository.
  • Configure lifecycle.yaml

Supported Workloads#

Livecycle supports container applications and static web applications. For further details see… 

Choose a Git Provider

  • From the LiveCycle dashboard, click Add Repository.

Connect to Git Provider

  • Click on the Github button and if prompted, log into your Github account.

Choose a Repository

  • Select the repository to add from the list shown.

Select a repository from the list

Configure livecycle.yaml

  • Livecycle uses a configuration file, livecycle.yaml, to describe the process of building and running a playground environment.
  • Your repo may already contain a properly configured livecycle.yaml file. In this case, you can use that file and there is no need to create a new one. With this approach you can create and test different configurations for different branches.