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Livecycle Overview is a Real-time collaboration platform between coders and other product stakeholders. With Livecycle you can automatically build and share deployment previews per commit with a No-code annotation layer on top of the live product. This allows streamlining any feedback as code suggestions to the code owner.


  • Livecycle'a product journey starts specifically where you manage your code, as an app installed on your favorite git provider.
  • On a mission to make your life happier, you'll start seeing value from the moment you connect your repository to Livecycle. Triggered by any code change, an automated ephemeral environment will be generated and shared with your peers.
  • From now on, every Pull-Request will have a representative environment item (we call it "your favorite shows") on the Livecycle Dashboard, so any stakeholder can instantly experience the latest changes on their own.
  • The fun starts now, where your designer can share UI issues via annotations on top of our embedded screen or video capture tools from within the live environment. It makes the design review simpler for them but also for you, as all feedback is being sent as an actionable comment to your git provider.
  • Have a copy issue? Wrongly implemented component? Now the relevant owners can make an inline copy change along with other CSS changes using the Editor tool. They can change an element, discuss the change with other peers and submit it for you to make amends with the suggested change, again, from within your git provider you can make the needed change and resolve it, so they can be notified about it.
  • You can also view issues opened by your teammates directly in a branch's playground in the Activity Timeline. This enables you to see all suggestions made within the playground itself.