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  1. Does Livecycle preview environments supports connections to my Databases?

    Yes, by utilizing our reverse proxy you can configure your Livecycle environments to connect with any existing instance of your Databases, either on your Staging or Production environments. We also allow you to upload an encrypted environment variable in a secure manner.

  2. How secure is Livecycle? Does it meet any compliance standards?

    Livecycle is GDPR and CCPA compliant (worth adding a link to our updated privacy policy once implemented), we are also in the process of getting our SOC2 type II certification. Livecycle gets read-only access to repositories in order to build applications and run them. We do not have access to customer data, only the code that you allow. Additionally, build and run time environment variables are encrypted with a private key. Each organization has its own private key. Internally we are working hard to make sure now resources are accessed both from external parties and other Livecycle customers.

  3. Does the suggested changes generated from Livecycle affect my production code?

    Livecycle is asking for read-only access to your code repository, we are not pushing any code to production and allow the code owner to be the decision maker when it comes to the suggested changes from the team.

  4. Which tech stack does Livecycle support currently?

    Livecycle supports any Static, SPA or containerized applications.  For a more granular explanation you can refer to our documentation and browse the ready to deploy templates.

  5. How hard is it to set up Livecycle?

    For most applications the process takes just a few minutes using the templates in our Setup Wizard. For more complex configurations, you can schedule a live onboarding session with our R&D team to make the process as easy and as fast as possible.

  6. Is Livecycle supported on mobile?

    Currently, Livecycle is supported for use on a desktop/laptop and not on mobile devices. But You can use Livecycle to see how your app will look on a mobile device using the Device Type Testing tool, accessible from the Toolbar.

  7. Is Livecycle supported on open source projects?

    Yes! Livecycle can be installed on open source projects to streamline communication and collaboration between project maintainers, contributors, and users. The open-source workflow is a great example of where Livecycle can help a distributed team collaborate effectively on a shared project. Supporting the open source community is one of our core values here at Livecycle, so we're committed to keeping Livecycle free forever for open source project installations.

  8. How much does Livecycle cost?

    Livecycle is free for everyone to use while we’re in beta. And for open source projects, Liveycycle will remain free, forever.