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Stuck in Validation screen

If the screen is stuck in "Validating SDK", it means that we we're unable to open an iframe to your preview environment.
This can happen if preview environment is down, or not accessible (for example, if using VPN).
Make sure the environment is live and accessible and then you can force retrying the operation by refreshing the page.

SDK is not recognized

If Livecycle failed to validate the SDK suggestion, it means that Livecycle website failed to communicate with the SDK installed in your website. If manual validation doesn't work as well, the best way to debug it is to open the preview, and make sure that the SDK loader code was indeed added to the application and that LivecycleSDK.init() was called. (can be done with Chrome/Firefox developer tools)

No PR autolinking suggestion

Livecycle detects autolinking candidates by scraping the GH pull request comments, deployments and status checks. Make sure your preview environment appears there, if so, try refreshing the page. If not, it means Livecycle doesn't support autolinking for that specific vendor (we'll be happy to take feature requests on that). In these cases, the best approach is to use manual linking via Livecycle CLI.

I've lost my API key

If you lost your API-Key, the safest way to approach it:

  • Create a new API-Key
  • Update all the places you're using the old API-Key
  • Delete the old API-Key Generating and removing API Keys can be done via the "Api Keys" tab under settings.