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Supported workloads

Livecycle build, host, orchestrate and expose applications on a dedicated url - https://{playground-identifier)

Currently, it's possible to run a single application in one of two modes:

  • Container
  • Static web application

We plan to support additional modes that can be useful in more complex scenarios (such as multi-container environments or multi-repo environments).


Using container mode should be useful for running:

  • Traditional Websites
  • Web framework based applications

Additionally, it's possible to run more complex applications by tweaking the entryphone with a process manager (with tools like Using these techniques it's possible to run:

  • Multi-tier applications (front/back/db)
  • Applications with several microservices
  • Environment that simulate developer workstation

Static web application

Using this mode is designed to easily run:

  • SPAs
  • SSG Documentation sites
  • JAMStack applications
  • Simply plain HTML+CSS+JS pages

While it's possible to run all these workloads in a container, by using a static web application we can get faster loading times and better experience when navigating between different playgrounds.

Other considerations

It's possible to run only part of the application with livecycle and connect it to external services by customizing the behavior of the playground reverse proxy. This can help us connect to staging/production api or authentication systems.

For additional reference on how to build and run your workload, see our livecycle.yaml reference