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Livecycle Overview

Livecycle is a Real-time collaboration platform between coders and other product stakeholders. 

With Livecycle you can automatically build and share deployment previews per commit. These deployment previews include a no-code annotation layer on top of the live product, allowing you to collect clear, contextual feedback from everyone on the team without the unnecessary ping-pong sessions and context switches. All feedback is then synced back as code suggestions to the code owner.

The Livecycle Workflow

Livecycle's product journey starts where you manage your code, as an app installed on your favorite Git provider. We’re on a mission to make your life happier, so you'll start seeing value from the moment you connect your repository to Livecycle. 

Once you’re up and running, any pull-request will automatically trigger an ephemeral environment that is self-hosted at a shareable link that’s distributed to the designated team members. You can also share it manually so that anyone can access the latest build with a single click.

Every pull-request going forward will now be accessible from your Livecycle Dashboard, so any stakeholder can instantly experience the latest changes on their own, without needing to ask development when the new build will be ready.

And this is where the fun really starts. Because Livecycle’s live preview environments don’t just let you experience the latest code changes, they also let you collect your team’s feedback directly on the product UI with a built-in, no-code annotation and collaboration tools:

  • See a design bug? Use the screen capture and video capture tools to report the issue and give it clear context
  • Notice a copy issue or a wrongly implemented component? Use the built-in HTML/CSS Element Editor to make a text change or other CSS changes 
  • Want to make sure your app is fully responsive across multiple devices? Use the Device Type Testing feature to see the UI across multiple device types
  • Worried about keeping all of your remote team members in the loop with the latest product review feedback? Now there’s nothing to worry about, as all feedback items are organized in the built-in Activity Panel where you can tag people, respond to comments and update status for each feedback item in the PR under review
  • And while these tools make the review process simpler for non-technical stakeholders, they also create a delightful developer experience as all feedback items are sent as actionable comments back to your git provider

So welcome to Livecycle. We hope that the platform will make you and your team happier by enabling you to code more, align better, and ship products faster, together.