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👋 Welcome to Livecycle!

Livecycle is designed to make developers and dev teams happier and more productive by taking the friction out of the development workflow, and by giving everyone on the team a better way to communicate and collaborate.

We built Livecycle with a focus on creating solutions that will directly and positively impact the developer experience.

What is Livecycle?

Livecycle is a real-time collaboration platform between developers and other stakeholders with a mission to eliminate the friction in the feedback loop. By connecting to your Github repository, Livecycle builds live preview environments for every commit that can be easily shared with the team.

On top of each preview environment, we've added a collaboration and annotation layer that allows all stakeholders to provide asynchronous, fast and contextual feedback! Every feedback item is then synced back to Github so that developers can receive and review it without context-switching or unnecessary review meetings.

Here's a quick demo video:

🏃‍♀️ Live preview environments

By connecting Livecycle to your code repo, you automatically create collaborative, live deployment previews with every PR.

These live environments ensure that you always have a running version of your product, for every branch, during development that is immediately accessible to everyone on the team. This can relieve multiple bottlenecks for dev teams:

  • Fewer context-switching for developers as they automatically "hand-off" the latest changes to other stakeholders for review
  • Less effort for developers as they don't need to push their code to dedicated staging servers - Livecycle does all the heavy lifting automatically
  • No need for other stakeholders to wait to see the latest changes. A link to access the latest version is instantly available and shared with the team.

🤝 Collaboration tools

Automatically generating the live preview environments is valuable, but this is just the beginning. Livecycle not only builds these ephemeral preview environments, we also tackle the follow up pain-points of product review friction.

With Livecycle, all stakeholders can open the preview URL and then mark-up their feedback on top of the live build using our no-code annotation and collaboration layer that is built-in to the preview itself. These features allow each preview environment to gather asynchronous and fast and contextual feedback from every stakeholder on the team.

Each piece of feedback is then sent back to developers as code-review like feedback items to the developers in Github. This makes the feedback as effective as possible. Since it is collected on the product itself, with all of the relevant context, developers have a full picture of the product's state which allows them to implement the feedback quickly and efficiently without extra review sessions or external documents.